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Try This One New Technique to Relieve Shoulder Pain

Do you:

  • feel a twinge in your shoulder when raising your arm overhead?
  • find yourself squirming to put on a jacket to avoid irritating your “bad” arm?
  • have trouble sleeping at night due to shoulder pain?

If you feel any of the above, try the following technique that has helped thousands of people relieve shoulder pain.

Use a Muscle Scraper

Muscle Scraping is a technique that releases the fascia wrapped tightly around your muscles, allowing your muscles to relax and providing it with the freedom to move.

Although it sounds and looks intimidating, it actually doesn’t hurt. We recommend getting the Sidekick Echo for the Shoulders as it’s a longer tool, so it’s easier to reach the back of the shoulder. It also has our patented grip for more comfort.

3 Easy Steps

  1. Apply Sidekick’s Revive Spray (included free with purchase)
  2. Using the edge of the tool, apply moderate pressure along the neck and shoulder muscles
  3. Feel the relief!

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