Sidekick vs Graston: 3 Critical Differences

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It’s not uncommon to compare “Sidekick”, “Graston” and “muscle scraping” – or even think of them as one.

We get it, there are many similarities! Sidekick and Graston are both Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) techniques used to break up the tension and promote healing in soft tissue. 

But how do they differ from one another? We’re here to clear up some confusion and lay out the differences between Sidekick and Graston tools.


It is a common misconception that “Graston” is the umbrella term for muscle scraping, however, it is actually just the name of a brand. 

Graston sells a set of 6 tools of varying designs. Each instrument is made of stainless steel and has drastically different shapes for specific areas and types of treatment. The instruments are available as a full set, priced at $2295, with no available sale of individual tools. 

This brand also requires multiple qualifications for buying and using their tools. Purchase of the set of instruments is available to licensed professionals who have completed a basic training course priced at $650. In conclusion, if you are wanting soft tissue release via Graston tools, you will likely have to book an appointment with your trusted practitioner to receive treatment. 


In contrast, Sidekick creates and sells muscle scraping tools which are available for purchase by anyone.

Each treatment edge has been carefully crafted to strike the perfect balance between safe and effective. Many athletes and professionals who have tried both Sidekick and Graston prefer our refined treatment edge as they are neither too blunt nor too sharp, just comfortable on the skin. Moreover, the Sidekick app and website provide video guidance for scraping any body part which is more feasible than an entire training course. Overall, scraping with Sidekick tools is simple and safe, especially with the refined edges, and can be used for self-maintenance without any training necessary.

With guidance from our website and blog, you can choose which muscle scraper is the best for you rather than committing to an entire set of instruments that may not all be useful. However, if you want to buy more than one tool, there are different bundles available.


On the surface level, Sidekick and Graston appear similar in the products that they provide. However, these two have multiple differences including price, design, and accessibility. Graston allows purchase by licensed professionals only after completing a basic training course while Sidekick tools are available to anyone with no required qualifications!

Price– each tool is under $200 US – $2295 USD + basic training course ($650 USD)
Purchase Availability– available to the public– must be a licensed professional
– must have completed the basic training course
Purchase options– individual tools or bundle options– only available as a complete set

Check out our blog for more guidance on choosing the best muscle scraping tool for you. 

Get your hands on a Sidekick tool to upgrade your recovery!

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