Gua Sha Tools:

How to Choose the Right One for You.

When it comes to Gua Sha tools, there are a wide range of tools to choose. You will even see some people use objects that were not designed for Gua Sha use. These include things such as:

  • ceramic spoons
  • container lids
  • coins

Whilst these are cheap alternatives, I try to avoid them because they don’t feel as good on the patient, nor are they comfortable on the hands when using for a long period of time. A coin for example can be very tiring on your fingers, especially considering how small they are. Once you add a Gua Sha oil, it can get very slippery making it hard to control. Therefore, this article will only focus on actual Gua Sha tools.

There are 3 things you need to consider when choosing the right tool for you. These are:

  • Material
  • Shape
  • Size


The most common materials are plastic, jade, stone and stainless steel. Each material has it’s own properties which will affect the resonation, comfort, weight (the heavier the better), cost and fragility. This table will go over some of the pros and cons of each.

Plastic$2-3Not FragilePoorMediumVery Light
Jade$5Very FragilePoorGoodLight
Stone$15-20Very FragileMediumGoodHeavy
Stainless Steel$150+Not FragileGoodGoodMedium

You can see that Stainless Steel probably the best option out of all because of it’s resonation (you can feel it resonate on areas with lots of scar tissue). However it comes at a steep price. Plastic and Jade are excellent options for beginners, but are a much lower quality. If you are starting out, Stone is probably your best bet as it is all around a good material, but most importantly at a very affordable price.


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When it comes to choosing the shape, it’s best to find one that has many edges. For example, the image on the left mainly only has 1 edge (the remaining 3 edges are either too blunt or serve the same purpose). This will work fine on your back or legs, but it will be difficult to use on smaller parts of your body.

The image on the right on the other hand, the Flowstick Muscle Scraper (Now rebranded to the Sidekick Curve), has a larger edge on the left, and a smaller edge on the top right. This allows it to serve many purposes making it more versatile.


When you do a lot of Gua Sha, you will find that your hands and fingers get very tight from holding onto the tool. This is especially true when you apply a gua sha balm because that makes the tool slippery, and in turn harder to hold. A longer tool makes it much more comfortable to hold – it’s like owning a spatula with no handle, vs a spatula with a long one. Obviously the latter is much more comfortable.

A longer tool also makes it easier to reach more difficult areas when you’re applying Gua Sha to yourself. The Flowstick is a great example of a tool that is longer than most. It is 17cm as opposed to the average 12cm.

Did we forget anything? What is your favorite Gua Sha tool? Let us know in the comments below!

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