CrossFit: It’s Not the Workouts That Get You Fit

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In order to get in shape, we need a good workout. So it’s no surprise that when you think of a good workout, high intensity interval training (HIIT) comes to mind. Studies point to HIIT as a great way to lose fat, build muscle, and develop overall fitness. It’s also immensely popular because of Reebok endorsements and the CrossFit Games.

There’s more to CrossFit then just HIIT though. According to, CrossFit is “A regimen of constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity in a communal environment that leads to health and fitness.” And the results are evident, as the many who do try CrossFit, end up altering their body composition towards one with more muscle and less fat.

No one would argue that working out is generally something that will help get you in shape or the body composition that you want, regardless if it’s CrossFit or not. CrossFit, however, provides two key elements that contribute to building muscle and losing fat over any other type of work out.

Hint: It’s not the actual workouts themselves!


Working out every once in a while won’t get you in shape. Any avid gym goer will be the first to tell you. It takes a hard work and consistency, which you’ll have access to at a box. Most commercial gyms involve a sign up and monthly fee, but that’s about as far as it goes.  When you join a CrossFit box, you’re getting access to instructors, workouts that are laid out for you, and a community that is doing the same thing you are.

In his book, The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg discusses how you can leverage habits to get you to where you want to be. It’s the key to not just getting the body you want, but also getting anywhere in life. And the CrossFit community does exactly that, puts you in a position where you don’t have to think of what workout to do, just show up and get to working out. It’s an easy way to incorporate a healthy habit into your life. But the most overlooked factor in CrossFit for getting people in shape is community.


Studies show that working out with a partner will make you train harder. It’s also great for motivation. What better than a little nudge from your workout partner to get to the gym?

What’s better about CrossFit is the community environment that encourages consistency and pushes you to do more. Yes, working out gets you in shape. But consistent hard work and an atmosphere to do better, is the most important factor to getting in shape, building muscle, and losing fat. Ask any avid gym goer and they’ll agree.

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Andrew Kobylarz is a health and fitness author who has written for both publications and brands. Currently, he writes for Mind Ya Fitness, a site that shows busy modern executives simple workouts and eating habits so that they can look their best without spending hours in the gym. He is also a fitness instructor at Intrepid Gym. You can follow him on Twitter @askobylarz.

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