3 Ways to Treat Calf Pain at Home

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If you’re a daily runner, you look forward to getting out on the trial every day. Unfortunately, constant loading can often lead to calf pain.

However, muscle scraping, combined with other home remedies can provide short- and long-term relief for your pain. This article will guide you through the most effective scraping techniques, as well as stretching and strengthening exercises that will help get you moving pain-free!

Causes for Calf Pain

Overstretching of the calf can cause muscle strain; tearing of the fibres within a muscle. Depending on the severity, this can cause differing levels of pain. 

In addition, overuse can cause Achilles tendinopathy, which is the inflammation of the Achilles tendon, is often felt as pain in the calf. The Achilles tendon converges from the three largest muscles in the calf and will be stressed any time these muscles contract.

However, if the pain you are experiencing does not feel like usual muscle soreness, consider seeking medical advice.

Scraping for Calf Pain

When scraping, the friction against the skin breaks up blocked blood vessels directly beneath the surface. As a result, new and more efficient circulatory pathways are created. Bringing in more blood flow provides better nutrient delivery and debris removal from the area. In turn, this improves the healing environment for both calf strains and tendonitis. 

In addition, the superficial irritations caused by scraping suppress pain by affecting the nervous system. This will bring immediate but temporary relief to your calf pain.

How to Scrape for Calf Pain

  1. Spray the Revive Emollient Spray (comes with the Eclipse Muscle Scraper) onto the calf to reduce friction when scraping
  2. Scrape with the concave edge on the bulk of the muscle, or use the convex edge for a more aggressive treatment
  3. Scrape on all sides of the calf from just below the knee down to the ankle
  4. Scrape with the toes pointed upwards to stretch your muscles and get deeper relief
  5. Use the corners of the tool on and around the Achilles tendon


When treating muscle strains and tendinopathies, both stretching and strengthening exercises are essential for the healing process. Releasing tension in your tissues helps treat imbalances that prevent you from moving properly.

Hold each stretch for 30-60 seconds on both sides. Perform once a day or multiple times a day for the best results.

Pyramid Pose

Gastrocnemius Calf Stretch


Eccentric contractions are the most effective way to strengthen injured muscles and tendons. Focus on having a slow and controlled down-phase when doing your exercises.

Perform 2-4 sets of 8-12 repetitions every second day.

Calf Raise

Single-Leg Calf Raise


As with most soft tissue injuries, a comprehensive treatment plan is your best bet for relieving pain and dysfunction. Scraping the calves and Achilles tendons can provide pain relief and promote a better healing environment for injuries. Stretching and strengthening exercises will be effective for long-term treatment and prevention of further pain and injury.

Try it for yourself! Order your Eclipse Muscle Scraper and start feeling relief.

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